Kurilpa Derby

Hey all. This Sunday the annual Kurilpa Derby is happening in West End. This event is being organised by the West End Community Association (WECA) and is a great event. WECA are supporting the nationals in a couple of weeks so naturally a polo demo would be a great way to show our thanks.

On the same day we have already scheduled a pre-Nationals tournament and a plan would be to have the tournament finish just before the derby starts. The derby assembles at 2pm with a parade down Boundary st. We have been invited to join in on this and a few of the organisers are doing a “Tweed” style ride so please yourself if you want to join in on this, or just roll how you like.

The polo demo can be any time we like. Maybe around 3:30 - 4pm would be good?


EDIT: We’ve decided to go back to the original plan of 1pm for the tournament. As people get knocked out we can assemble a group to go over to do the demo.

demos are fun! but you have to watch your mouths. (i have to watch my mouth).
i’d be keen anyway.

also, what the fuck is a derby? a horse race? an hereditary title of Britain’s landed aristocracy? A fair? (I like fairs).

does someone have the poster for this, it features none other than ollie gobble dressed as a christ on a skateboard- edited for spelling/grammerr

im going with “an hereditary title of Britain’s landed aristocracy”

One of the organisers wants to organise some kind of competition for us as well. He suggested a competition to see who can ride backwards the furthest. What do you guys think? I was thinking a skid comp down Boundary St would be better :slight_smile:

or jousting???

it’s on Eric’s blog

i say we go with this :wink:

You would :wink:

I think I can count on one hand the number of riders in Brisbane that can ride more than 2m backwards. And I’m not one of them!

WHEELIE COMP… how many days did you say the festival goes for???

+1 i normally get my weekend afta sunday morn

Scrap the plan to start the tournament at 10:30am as I had suggested. Too many people have other plans so we’ll shoot for a 1pm start instead and as people get knocked out we can arrange a group to head down to the Derby and do the demo.

as per usual i wont be there till a bit afta 3. will def play when i get there, if andy/dave wanna get a sub, or sub for other teams, w/e. seeyas then