Kuwahara project

Just got this back from the painters.

It’s been a project for a while - I posted some of the history back here: http://fixed.org.au/forums/index.php/topic,7935.0.html

More pics here: https://picasaweb.google.com/alex.dircks/Kuwahara?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCJOcwIiqtaidmgE&feat=directlink
(Thanks to Jude for taking some nice photos.)

Just need spokes, and need to decide between the old 151 Mightys or the Superbe Pro cranks. The Mightys will need an ISO bb if anyone wants to sell me one.

Green, triple triangle, Superbe Pro…Erle’s going to lose his shit.

I have a Campy AC-S 111mm BB in good used condition if you go that route. Works perfectly with Sugino Super Mightys (144BCD). If that Superbe BB is road spindle length I would be interested in it.

That said, with Superbe Pro hubs, the cranks will match nicely.

Polished alloy rims would look better, either an eyeletted box section or a semi-aero Araya style.

im a fan of the triple triangle, the green looks nice too.

Look forward to the completed pics

Ive got an old Kuwahara roadie/tourer im lookin to rebuild, mudguards and all with a 600 arabesque groupset :sunglasses:

The Superbe BB is 109, to suit the track cranks, so I’m hanging onto it.

I’d definitely go the Superbe Pro cranks, except that they’re 170mm. OK for the track but I think I’ll want to ride this on the street too. The Suginos are 165.

I have another set of wheels on the way, Superbe Pro / Mavic 192, ie: exactly what you mean. I’m doing a bit of wheel swapping between bikes, so I’m not sure which will end up on this one yet.

either way the frame’s looking sweet, cant wait to see it fully built up

That’s a hot frame.
I’m going to build a green triple triangle and name it the ‘ERLE’

I was actually tempted to buy Erle’s old frame when he put it up, but thought two green triple triangles would be a bit silly. Besides it was 1cm too tall for me… It’s on ebay now yeah?

Yeah it’s up on eBay I’m pretty sure.

I ride 170mm Sugino 75’s on the street and have had no issues with pedal strike, if it means anything to you.

sure it s too small for you… you’d better sell it… :roll:

Thought I’d update this, a year and a half later. It eventually became my bike for the track, and now looks like this.


green with envy

Wow … lovely !!!

looks good!!
man, seems like everyone here got amazing bikes! feeling a bit left out!