KYPO Decals

Before I go and get some made does anyone know where I may be able to find some?

Send ‘leo’ a PM, he has a Kypo (user on this forum - do search for his details)

Or, try the seller gts753 on ebay. He does custom decals and just did my Kenevans decals.

I bought a set of 653 decals off gts753 the other night, just emailed him to ask.

I’m sure GTS75 will be able to help. He has made Hendren decals for me and supplied Super Elliot. They are of great quality.

A little piece of trivia…

When I puchased the Kypo from Andy, he briefly told me the story of the Kypo. Mine is a Kypo with a rose(flower) in the O of the Kypo signifying that the builder “Kypo” was married to Rose.

For one reason or another things happened (i’m, not sure of the details) and Kypo then apparently married a french lady and his bikes became L’Kypo. Andy had an example for sale with gold forks a while back.

A great story all the same…

Happy riding


Hendren or Hoffy?

Its a Hendren built by Hoffy