Kypo roadie 531

Someone buy this, and ride it.

L.KYPO classic 56cm x 56cm, 531R Renolds tubing Continental tyres, Mavic wheels | eBay

good buyin

^^^ deffs… wish i had 400 beans kickin around!

anyone is Syd able to pickup and send to Melb?

^ i messaged the seller to see if he’d box and pack, so a courier could be organised.

Damn if this had’ve been a week ago…

PS If anyone in Melbs is keen I can box it up and send via courier, in exchange for a six pack of something tasty.

I’ll leave that open to the buyer to decide on the most appropriate six-packaged goods. But the quality of the goods may also predetermine the quality of my packing and/or componants left on your bicycle.

PM Sent drozzy

did you get it^


Fuck yes! I’ma gunna get me some free eggs.