la tour de eastern beaches

Two tuesdays from now

The brief is… Feb 2nd we’re meeting at the coke sign in the cross for a sharp 6.30pm roll out so no turning up at 7 big T
and we ride edgecliff, rushcutters, all the way round the coast line to maroubra, about 60kms and lots hills lots of pain!!
'railers are highly recommended and lycra is optional… Just not those torn nics you own mayo… :roll:
If any one is up for it we can stop in ranwick for a little drink on the way home…

any one is welcome if you want to do it fixed then thats also kool but no crying :cry: about it cause it’ll be super tough on a fixed gear bicycle

jono i found those adjusters you need

the map isn’t that great but it’s here only to give an idea…

i’d say big T and SanEsteban will be the path finders as they ride this route more than the rest of us…

dust off your Italian steal and join us for a session of hillz

right click on the pic and open it in a new window to get a good sized view

The full tour hits up Camp Cove (north end of south head) and all the way down to La Pa via the beaches.

Route map

It would be very hard work fixed, and I doubt you’ll keep up.

IMO it’s best to head to south head first, then you have the flats from LaPa to City on the way home. Takes about 2.5 hours. Can easily swing back via Anzac Parade instead.

Those are fighting words :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m putting this in my diary now.

So keen! This will be great to encourage those within our circle who have road projects on the go to get them finished, and give us a friendly place to ride in a group.

where do you want to meet??

the route looks good…

make sure every one brings a puncher kit… i only carry one tube and cart
water is good to… nothing worse than going out for some hills and leaving your water bottle on the kitchen table

i’m gonna have to see if this is possible for me. living out in the burbs for the moment, still don’t have my roadie sorted…
would bloody love to get involved tho. will try and sort it out.

any thing you need to get it going dawg…
I have the adjusters and things you need to build a nice little campy shod roadie
like Campy lock ring tools and all that good stuff.

You got two weeks
plenty of time…

yeh, cept i havent even picked up the frame yet :stuck_out_tongue:

You can stay at my house that night if it makes it easier for you to get to work the next day.


Zak - mate been o/s in honkers for a couple of weeks with work. Back in town and am fired up for this.

Catch you next week.

yer,no roadie hereeither aboutt 6 weeks off.bummer.

Did it last night, 2 hours, 52kms, max speed 64km/h into Coogee, min speed 9km/h out of coogee. Good luck to any fixies :evil:

Where are we meeting?

I’ve done the eastern hills fixed, it’s fucking atrocious and last time I did it I had to go sleep for 3 hours in the middle of the afternoon.

Did you hit 64km coming down Arden St? Anyone considering brakeless - check your tire wear before hitting that up.

How about this square in Kings Cross.

Yeah Arden Street.

Is anyone actually considering brakeless?

sounds good…

Down arden is not the real problem climbing into the sky up it would flog ya…

So are we meeting at that square then? It’s just near the coke sign, on the platform up those steps near the oporto’s yeah? I’ll be there with bells (and a jersey) on. With my finger actuated front derailleur! I am going to get seriously dropped up some of those hills :frowning:

I’ll be getting dropped with you dawg… Don’t worry

Just to testify about Arden Street, the south hill is definately a lot easier on the legs than the North end. I used to live over in South Coogee and drunken rides home from the Bay were still possible, but not recommended.

I won’t be able to attend this ride anymore chaps.