Check out the coverage of the LA world cup over at cycling news:

Did you see that Tassie-boy Mark Jamison nailed the Danes in the teams pursuit?

Yep. Sad to hear tho that my favourite giant on a billboard was <a href=“”>involved in an accicdent in the Keirin</a> :confused: Hope she’s OK. If you are riding past the corner of Alexandra pde and Brunswick st. send some positive vibes her way via the billboard CHI-HOLE.

Ahh ha ha your such a nerd, love it

<a href=“”>Not good</a>

WORLD record-holder Anna Meares is wheelchair-bound and her Olympic dream could be dashed, but she considers herself lucky.

Meares suffered a fractured neck vertebrae and dislocated shoulder in a crash during a track cycling World Cup meet in Los Angeles nine days ago.