Ladies Retro Step Through - Nitro 700c

Thought id do a mini review of an off the shelf retro ladies step through i picked up for the wifey recently. This will be the initial thoughts and ill update as time goes by

Few things went into consideration for this

  1. Wifey really wanted a step through, basket and all. No mtb, hybrid, fixie, racer, porteur, retro racer with risers etc
  2. It would really only get used occasionally, just to ride with the kids

So knowing the above, as much as i wanted to build a nice mixte, it would have been overkill

Started looking for something around the $100 range, plenty of lightly used reids and we almost pulled the trigger on some but most think their bikes are worth alot more than they really are.

By chance wifey found this one online at RebelSport, $130 from $200. Specs look at least on par with Reid bikes and at half the price. Picked it up in a box and got it home.

Bike was semi built up, with only the handle bars and front wheel that was apart, gears were set up fine, front brake needed a bit of adjusting, nothing major. Mudguards, pedals, seatpost and saddle all needed to be installed.

Once all together it felt ok, weakest point felt like the wheels and tyres, hubs, bb and headset all unsealed items as expected, i know the parts arnt anything special but they feel solid. As a cruiser, and for the price we paid, i think its decent. Wifey has taken the kids around the block a few times and shes stoked, so already winning.