Ladies Single Speed Cruiser

thanks blakey; i’ve got a mish mash of 110 spindle, some bearings from something else, and the original cups. Hopefully Dan can make it work!
Otherwise Phil or Velo will be the go.

I really like the fenders on that bike? I got some alloy fenders which I will polish up and put on. Or, depending on how it looks, get the powder coated white for a nice contrast. Only issue is that they are for 700c wheels, not the 27"s that are on it. They still fit, but a little convincing is required to get them on.

Am open to suggestion if anyone thinks that is a good / bad idea too.

The difference in radius at the rim between 700c and 27" is 4mm. With most fenders this shouldn’t be an issue. Make sure your fenders are wider than the tyres and leave a little clearance room.