Ladies Single Speed Cruiser

I built this for my girlfriend. It is my first attempt at building a bike. She wanted something pink. Thoughts and Criticisms are welcome.

The frame was sourced from Ebay and was a little crusty when I got it. It was powder coated out at A-Class who did an awesome job. Some of the parts were sourced from the guys at my LBS (Bikeforce Richmond) while others are from overseas.

Because the frame came back looking so good, I decided to get new parts for it as the old parts just didn’t do it justice.

Nice work. I’d ride that if I were a lady.

I’d ride that…and I’m a bloke! Good to see some considered photography, too. Nice work!

I’d ride it as well.

In fact I rode the missus’ singlespeed to do some shopping last Saturday:

Girls bikes are cool. :slight_smile:

nice job mate, very rideable indeed :wink:

great looking bike :wink:

This would make my mrs pants wet.

I’m ‘looking after’ the GF’s bike while she is OS. Coaster brake skids FTW! :smiley:

Though i did discover that her basket doesnt hold a 6pack real well :expressionless:

I just sent a photo of this bike to my girlfriend and was sad to hear it was for someone elses girlfriend.

Bad move moccos.

Awesome build for the GF, very nice work.

Thanks guys. She is happy - which means I am happy.

Yeah, looks sweet.

My girl loved it too. I migth have to pull out her Malvern Star step through soon and get that working again.

nothing to see here :wink:

what is with the g/fs wanting pink bikes?!

i am working on a pink mixte with white wheels, powdered bars, stem etc at the moment.

is it acceptable to ride a pink mixte to work in the city??

I’m pretty sure Blakey used to. And he did so on a regular basis!

Yup, man-pink, hubgear, sushi bars. Long gone now.

Was even abused by an angry roadie-girl once.

Just don’t get a Shogun mixte, where the top tubes are welded directly to the seat tube, way too flexy. Get one like a Peugeot / Master Sports that has a plate / brace on the seatpost for better triangulation.

This one turned out much better though: (Electra wicker basket replaced the white one)


I spotted a pink track bike locked up outside Cotton On in Elizabeth St yesterday, possibly an Olmo, was too far away to see. I’d ride that pony without any hesitation! Came back that way to get a closer look but it had gone. :cry:

That’s HOT Blakey!

Mine’s a Peugeot Mixte with the brace you’re talking about. It’s going to be the opposite of that bike - white where yours is pink and vice versa.

Frame looks like this as I’m getting ready for paint. Just need to rub it back and get it back in the spray booth, and it’s ready to go - got Velocity wheels, Paul brake levers, White Industries freewheel, campy cranks.

Only main issue is the old french thread bottom bracket!!

no idea why the image won’t work

URL is broken by word filter?

Velo Orange or Phil Wood for French BB.