Ladies Step through options

So my girl is showing enough interest in riding its time to go bike shopping. Finding a suitable bike is a little trickier.

  • Needs to be XS, she’s currently on my old 15" MTB with a short stem and the seat slammed.
  • Low BB and step through… Easy to put a foot down and stable
  • Traditional Derailuer setup, Dont have the funds for most things that come specced with an internal 8+ speed hub.

Most riding will be around bike paths and rail trails. No real commuting so to speak. The little look I’ve had the Electra’s do a couple that come pretty close. Not many other brands do a bike small enough… I’m over trawling about, can anyone here shout out some idea’s for us?

What’s the budget

Oops, less is better. $500ish preferred which cuts alot down I know. Can stretch to almost $800-900 that if the bike ticks every box.

Once again, cell has what you need…
CELL Cixte 3 Speed Shimano Nexus Mixte

my wife bought herself a mongoose crossway a few years ago. there’s a few different spec models.

she’s 4’11" and the S fits her beautifully. her only complaint is that it’s a bit heavy, but i imagine everything new around that price point would be solid…

I have never seen one in the flesh but these look okay for the price,

Thanks for the options and the couple of PM’s.

Cell is out, need a good range of gears. The few cheap ‘retro’ mixte’s we have sat on have all been to big or tall in the front.

Browsing a few more major brands today, (dont slap me) the Avanti ‘ubo’ Avanti - Ubo 2 - AvantiPlus Australia is close, just need to make sure the cross bar isnt too high.

TOKYOBIKE BISOU - Tokybike Australia

CroMo Frame. Few I’ve seen around look quite nice for the price.