LANCE 2009 TdF

Remember michael jordans time with the wizards? :expressionless:

the reality is that he barely needs to ride decently in order to bag shitloads of media attention which is the sole reason for his return to cycling. From a coverage point of view, any team that knocked him back would be foolish because of all the sponsorship dollars it would attract. nobody said anything about making him their star rider although I guess that it would be Lance’s expectation/condition.

How about Lance rides for Silence Lotto and is a super Domestique for Cadel.

He’d be handy in a Team TT as well.

Lance couldn’t be any worse thanPopo…

maybe he just misses racing

or misses being the center* of attention(?)

(*note American spelling)

In a few pieces I’ve seen a “Team Lance Armstrong Foundation” has been hinted at - all in the noble cause of promoting cancer awareness & research fundraising etc etc.