LANCE 2009 TdF

this is pretty weird isn’t it? i guess running a bike shop wasn’t exciting enough.

Link or it didn’t happen.

Working link or it didn’t happen.


Armstrong re-enrolled himself into the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s out-of-competition testing pool prior to August’s Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race, where he finished second to Dave Wiens, said USA Cycling chief operating officer Sean Petty.

USADA rules state that any athlete who wishes to come out of retirement must enroll in the USADA out-of-competition testing program for at least six months in advance of regaining eligible status.

Why am I not excited. :expressionless:

well, it’s done

He said: "I’m happy to announce that after talking with my children, family and closest friends, I have decided to return to professional cycling.

So if Astana has been blocked from entering, who is he going to ride for?*

  • Provided these rumors are true.

Why? Go out on a high, rather than returning as a slow old fart.

He’ll win.

he’ll ride for Astana, his old team manager, old team doctor, it’s pretty much the same team. and even if they don’t let them ride in le tour again, there’s plenty of american races to make it worthwhie. plus i think astana was only blocked for a year.

“I’m going to try and win an eighth Tour de France.”

I guess Alberto Contador is really annoyed now.

Cadel will be wrapped. The attention will be off his dog, and he’ll have a whole new line of excuses to throw around. ACE!


like that Italian bloke. What’s his name again

Another highly organised rival team not helping him. :cry:

It’s probably the only way Astana can flog off some of those god awful jerseys. Beach Road will be a flood of powder blue turqoise (sorry) come the New Year.

So, he has clearance from the UCI to race again but as I understand it the Grand Tours (Tour, Giro, Vuelta) as well as all the pro teams recently opted out of the UCI’s Pro Tour arrangement.

My point: ASO & Lance & Astana are not on great terms. Would be kind of surprised if they let him ride if he joined Astana.

It’s TURQUOISE!!! :roll:

As much as ASO hate Lance/Johan Bruyneel I think they would understand that he’s a huge drawcard of interest. He’d generate massive sponsorship/TV commercial dollars. I know the French are pig headed but I believe he’d be in.

Mmm, dunno. I’ve stuck with it through all the drugs etc, but I’m so bored with the USA. Piss off, Lance.