Lance Armstrong twitter ride...

…is 10am tomorrow at Wigley reserve, Glenelg.

I don’t know if I hate myself enough to participate.

doing a ride in the morning so i’ll be down there anyway. let’s get some fixie riders out there

Was plenty of fun last year. We had Military Rd all to ourselves. BIkes of all types including an old dude on a penny-farthing. Just gotta be wary 'cause there’s riders of widely varying skill levels blasting all over trying to catch up to God (Lance).

dude please go and take a photo and post it up, i just had to leave adelaidia as my accom fell thru, take one for the team

one of us could have put you up for a few nights

I’ve no real interest in the Lance God nor his hordes of believers, but if there are going to be a few fixed riders there, I might be able to get there (my schedule isn’t fully my own tomorrow). Where would we be meeting?

at the pub across from wigley reserve?

tots gonna ride with lance. last chance. although he is buying property here in his “other home state”…:rolleyes:

At or in?
Sober or ‘merry’?

I got my Adelaide Cyclist caps today so when it’s not covered by the helment, people can look for that, or the green Europa, or my ugly dial for those from bike polo who know me (I think I’ve worked out who squid is).

i’ll be there in lycra, but might change to my ‘play bike polo’ shirt

Sounds like a plan. See ya’ll there.

good to see a few people out there. i was riding with tom so we were a bit slow due to tom being on his polo bike and only having one crank

Yeah that was fun. Just great to ride with so many people.

I didn’t do the ride, just watched them all leave and then turned for the long ride home (up them sodding hills). Twas a fun event though. Maybe next year we can do it as a group on polo bikes … complete with mallets … and exploding balls.