lance armstrong vs MASH

watch the austin one.

I know how everyone on here likes to pay out on MASH… but this is fucking cool.

you get the feeling the cops said… “yes MR Armstrong we will be on our way”

Lotsa speed and spinning!

Good vid, especially the bearded shirtless dude who was swiging from his Heineken KEG!!

That’s pretty funny, just hangin out with Lance. I pretty suprised he was smashin it with the Mash boys with no helmet on!

Yeah, some of those shots at speed in traffic with no helmet are totally crazy! As in “brain damage for the sake of looking cool” kinda crazy…

i remembered reading something in an armstrong biography. i found it pretty easily, from when he was 15 and a triathlete

“My brand new Raleigh was top of the line and beautiful, but i owned it only a short time before i wrecked it and almost got myself killed. it happened one afternoon when i was running stoplights. i was spinning through them one after the other, trying to beat the timers. i got five of them. then i came to a giant intersection of two six lanes, and the light turned yellow. i kept going anyway-which i did all the time, still do. i got across three lanes before the light turned red. as i raced across the fourth lane, i saw a lady in a ford bronco out of the corner of my eye. she didn;t see me. she accelerated and smashed right into me.”

so he was probably reliving his teenage years

Seems to be cool you can have a brake, or a helmet, but just not both…

Call me a n00b… but what the heck is MASHsf anyway? Is it just a bunch of hipsters doing stupid things on fixies?

This. /signed

Ahh that’s easy, the more you drink, the lighter it gets :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty funny though. You wouldn’t want to be the guy dragging a skid in front of Mr A and suddenly bin it and ruin his comeback