Lancia Bianchi team car

To much awesomeness

1976 Bianchi Campagnolo Team Car Lancia Beta Giro D’Italia Mattel Italy Gimondi | eBay

o for awesome…for the die hard enthusiasts

thats cool, but i was actually thinking it was gonna be a real car, so kind of disappointed

me too … at least it’s not rusted like all the other Lancia Beta’s :wink:

This game would make for excellent pre-TdF drinking/gambling fun !!!

pinball wizard has the electric velo toy thing, we should play it one time, as long as he remembers to bring the entire set


I am going to make up some bikes to use instead of the originals, more in keeping with the size and shape of the velodrome. I also want to keep the originals undamaged. I already had to repair on after a fall.
But promise to remember the power supply next time!

Some one buy this and we can make up a tdf tt stage complete with follow car.