Landshark CX

Landshark cyclocross frameset 56cm - 57cm steel | eBay

Damn, that’s a hot pic of this thing built up in the listing.

Love that someone has already asked about shipping to Australia.

landsharks are so porn.

found a complete landshark columbus max with Ti record whilst in the US. still kicking myself i didnt get it!

lol fucking Aussies buying all the cool frames.

isnt erle a 56-57?

Jase, I’ve been in a selling frenzy, but it’s not me who’s having a crack.

I might know who is though…

i have noticed that, readying to pull the trigger on something huge not doubt

The trigger has already been pulled haha, I’m paying myself back.

Recent additions include a custom 700c dirt road bike, a Cherubim 650B rando, and a Max tubed Kotter roady that can be seen in the retro roadies with brifters thread.

I still have a problem!

that went for a fucking steal!

good job some one, any of us get it?

hahah class!