Lane Cove - any good?

Long story short, we have to move. And as we are a bit sick of the Northern Beaches and want to live closer to the city Lane Cove came up as an idea. I would like to be able to commute to the city by bike, be close to nice pubs, have a nice community feel with some nature thrown in for good measure. What do you guys think? Does anyone live there or has lived or has an opinion just because?

The section of the great north walk from chatswood to thornleigh in the lane cover national park is amazing.

when bec and my self went there last it seems popular for trail runners. theres section you can ride also on bikes.

Regarding the commute: I sometimes commute home from St Leonards by heading west along the Epping Rd/M2/whatever it is cycleway, turn around at Lane Cove Road and head back home along the same stretch, then across through Cammeray to home. It is pretty easy to link that along West St to North Sydney then into the city, I see a lot of people doing it in the mornings. It would be a good daily/few times a week commute. It can get a little busy, but nothing major.

I like the area, but don’t really know much about it. Definitely a lot closer to the city, right next to the National Park, close to a lot of pubs/restaurants etc. Also really close to Spirito’s workshop :slight_smile:

I have two mates who live there - to me Lane Cove is a fairly dead suburb. Those are good positives you listed though… plus close to Ryos!

When I said close to pubs etc: more that it’s just up the road from Crow’s Nest/St Leonard’s… Also depends what you mean by dead, cos I reckon there’s probably more happening there than at my place, and it also doesn’t matter cos #dadlyf.

Yeah, there’s tons of options between St Leonards to North Sydney. I did that commute a lot - Walker st, cut through park then down Falcon.
It’s a good commute into the city imo

The Longy (Longueville Hotel) would be your local pub, which is at the entrance to the Village. The village itself is quite nice, with plenty of options for food at varying price ranges. The council has a big spring festival there each year with loads of people around. Pool opposite the Longy to cool down on those hot summer days.

Loads of bushwalks around the area heading up to the national park, or down towards the various bays on the lower north shore. Different waterways than the northern beaches, but beautiful nonetheless.

The commute to the city can be generally off the road and stress free, taking the bike path along the freeway to Naremburn, then West St through North Sydney and over the bridge. On the other hand, I have seen plenty of riders on the Pacific Highway as well - should be faster, as long as you’re happy mixing it with the cars.

Thanks guys, great input! I don’t need a suburb like Newtown, Darlinghurst or the likes but yes having options to either go to the local or ride the bike to several others is what we are after. We like to life fairly quiet so moving even closer to the city wouldn’t cut it. We also like to stay north of the bridge as we know the area that well and love it.
+my wife works like 3min away from Spiritos workshop and would love her commute even more.
We also have places like Cammeray and Neutral Bay on our radar but at the end of the day it also comes down to affordability and a having a nice apartment to live in. Our budget is around the $700 mark for a two bedder and a lock up garage is a must. Very hard to find in the en vogue suburbs north of the bridge and Lane Cove had a nice feel to it when we looked around on the weekend.

years ago I used to ride MTB at Lane Cove NP on my lunch breaks when i worked at Gore Hill. That was fun.