Large Elephant NFE in the US

Bloody good deal, even with shipping.

From the secret NFE owner’s Google group:

Hi All,

I imagine that nearly everyone on this list is set in the NFE department, but if you have a friend looking for a good deal on a size Large NFE frame and fork, plus haulin’ colin’ rack, Swift bag, and CK headset, please send them my way:

This is the add I’ll be posting elsewhere:

Elephant National Forest Explorer Frame/Fork (Large) + Haulin’ Colin’ Rack + Swift Randonneur Bag + Chris King Headset

I am reluctantly selling my Elephant NFE + Haulin’ Colin’ Rack + Swift Randonneur Bag + Chris King Headset after accepting that an injury is going to preclude long-distance riding for me in the future.

Price: I am asking $1000 firm for the package (this would cost you over $2000 new). Buyer to pay exact shipping. It will need to go in two separate boxes, one for frame/fork and the other for rack/bag.

Many high-rez photos here: Elephant NFE Frame and Fork For Sale | Flickr


The frame and fork are a size Large Elephant NFE. This is a generation one frame. There are limitations if you want to run super low-Q cranks or really big chainrings. Personally, I used XTR cranks, and I do not know whether your Ultegra/Herse/Velo Orange XXXX with a 52t chainring will fit, but if you join the NFE Google Group, you will find answers to your question:!forum/elephant-stock-nfe

You can find the geometry for size large frames here: stock

The steerer tube is still quite long, with about 33mm of space for spacers below a 40mm stem. So if you need higher bars than this will allow, you probably need the XL.

In terms of condition, the equipment has exactly 1507.2 miles on it. The exception is the Chris King headset, which was transferred from an older bike, and has many miles on it, but works and looks good as new.

I have tried to document scratches and the like in high-res photos. Please look at them all. Most notably, the driveside chainstay is rough from chainslap and there is some surface rust on the cable guides on the toptube. Otherwise, you have random spots of cable rub and superficial scratches here and there. The bike was never wrecked, jumped, etc. It’s just the kind of stuff you’ll find on any bike that has been used on mixed surface rides over rough terrain. The same is generally true of the Haulin’ Colin’ Rack and Swift bag. Some nicks, marks, and signs of use, but not abuse.

Please note that I will give priority to any buyer who is local or who can otherwise save me the hassle of shipping this. I live in San Diego. This is true no matter who emails me first, etc. Unless I’ve taken your money, I’m going to lean towards the local sale. Just a disclaimer due to hurt feelings that have arisen in the past! Needless to say, if I do ship it, I will do it properly and it will be encased in bubble wrap in a shake-free box.

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sold a week ago on paceline

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