Large group in Martin Place on Sundays?

So I was cruising through Martin Place yesterday afternoon on my way home from Tamarama and saw probably 10 odd Asian dudes and girls on a myriad of nice machinary with lots of Potatoes, lots of H Plus sons and B 43’s.

I noted their riding slowly in circles backwards and super bowiepunk style fashioning and continued on my merry way.

Does anyone know if these guys are on the forum or what they seemed approachable and certainly seemed to have some bling.

Hello if you are Forum folk.

Could be these guys:

mentioned in this thread:,9607.msg92206.html#msg92206

I have no affiliation, just stumbled across that other thread and thought there might be a connection.

Sounds like the Thai guys and Jase from Supply and associates.
I don’t know the others but Jase is super nice and cool as fuck!

ah ha sounds like the exact same people I was just blown away by the quality of bikes…looked like there was not a conversion in site.

Me and my poor Pug felt even more broke.

looks like a few half sleeve and incu fellas too

I saw your bike locked up on oxford yesterday afternoon dirty… back on the wagon?
This sounds like the guys I saw, and they look pretty friendly.

whats a half sleeve and incu?

lets cross the divide and get em along on a wednesday. with our powers combined we could have like, um, 40 or 50 d00dz.

They are shops … &

cool. i dont go to shops.

maybe saturday arvo? don’t think i could have ridden anywhere on sunday due to wagon-related circumstances

Yeah everyone is approachable, all are welcome on the rides. Generally there is never less than 20 people. This Sunday, being the 29/11 we are riding to Redleaf for a swim (weather depending obviously), swim and beers. We usually meet up at Martin Place around 5:30, ride around backwards for a bit then cruise around the city and grab food and beers.

It’s always fun and everybody is always smiley.

wow i had no idea that was happening.
i’ll come down and say hi next weekend. will test out my lack of going-backwards skillz.

Cool man, will see you then!