Laser Fun

This makes me want a dog and a laser pointer. Although I guess it would work pretty well with cats too.

It works excellently with cats, let me assure you.

Yep, it does.

what the fuck is going on with the dogs ears?

Had its ears cropped recently… they are still bandaged. Fuckers.

and docked his tail.
Both of those are illegal in australia now, thankfully.
Amusing that it’s a doberman, they’re pretty smart dogs - although it’s clear he was just playing with the dot - if he hadve wanted to bite that would have been really messy…

Agreed. Mutilate yourself with cosmetic surgery, I don’t care, but when your vanity extends to cutting on your own dog then you’ve got problems.

afaik nothing is cut out, and a quick google search reveals that it helps to prevent infections due to moisture build up that apparently dobermanns in particular are susceptible to.

If you’re talking about cropping ears, yes, they cut part of the ear off.

fair enough. I didnt do a very detailed search, just looked at the reasoning behind it

When I first saw that video I thought they’d taped its ears up to make the dog look like a bull - to go with the laser pointer gag. Speaking of which. :expressionless:

they cut a V out of the top of each ear then stitch the remainder together and prop it up for it to heal, used to be common practice for dogs like dobermans, boxers, rotties.
I have a boxer and shes all natural, original ears and tail the way they’re designed to be!

Way to dredge up a thread!

And I think you’ll find that they don’t cut a v into the ear: simply trimming the excess ear so that it’s a ^ shape makes it stand up on its own.