Hey Lonnie folk,

I’m an expatriate of the city, and my little brother still lives there.
Is there anyone else riding a SS / fixie in the area?
He tells me he seems to be the only one.

Do let me know if there are any more of you out there.


Dunno if these guys are still active: LFC

i too am ex-launceston (now in brissy) and may be back there in the not too distant future.

if there arent many about, there should be! i was there the other weekend and since i left they have put bike lanes on just about every road. pretty decent by LCC.

Do you guys miss the monkey’s.

Thanks P!N20. :slight_smile:
It seems they still do things occasionally.

Totally miss the monkey park.
Although I think it’d work better as a tourist attraction if they just let the monkeys loose in the CBD.

^ Plenty of monkeys in the CBD when I was there last.

^ such a good call. its pretty nasty. and whats going on with the talking cushions?

im up here for Uni.

Saw a guy bust a skid outside star bar wednesday night. There were three guys out for a night ride wearing construction vests (only one one fixed that I saw)… anyone here?

Jordy (who started the LFGS) is working on the east coast now and I think numbers died off a little, but there was definitely a bit of a crew up there for a while. Stop in and talk to the guys at Rapid, they should know the deal!

I see probably 2 dozen ss/fg out and about on a semi-regular basis, only ever seen other riders twice though… and almost all the bikes are outside the uni at inveresk (y’know, the one with all the arts students :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’ve got a white/blue avanti pista normally seen near a pub

Sweet. Glad to know there’s still some of you rolling about.

He’ll be busting out his brand new chrome Fuji Classic Track as soon as it’s ready for his 17th birthday.
Keep an eye out for him!

And, as always, yell for skids.

Did you end up returning?