Le Coq Sportif Urban Backpack

Was half looking for a backpack as on the odd occasion my messenger bag i commute with would need adjusting when i didnt get it locked down 100% first time around. Might be ok for actual messengers where you have frequent access to the bag, but i wanted something i could just sling on and ride.

As much as i wanted to drop coin on a BOGEAR or some other ‘proper’ brand bag, bang for buck i couldnt go pass the LQS. It seemed to tick all the right boxes for me.

Website blurb says 30 x 48 x 18cm, with 3M reflective stripe and a ‘waterproof’ fabric, back padding, drawstring for main compartment and a few well placed pockets and sleeves.

From my experience with the Crumpler Complete Seed ive been using, 26L is pretty much spot on for what i carry. Given dimensions were fairly similar to that, and for $50 from wiggle, it was a no brainer in my eyes.

Cant comment on its longevity at this point obviously, so will have to come back to that. But initial impressions are pretty good in terms of quality. Seems solid, well built, kinda hope i dont need to test its ‘water proofing’ material.

Front view - middle stripe is 3M reflective, two chunky buckles

Left Profile - small pocket near the base, same on other side. Would hold a bidon but i wouldnt ride with it like that. Also has zippered pocket thats lined with felt, im assuming meant for the phone for quick access. I use it to store my work pass to swipe me into the secured parking, works well without needing to take it out.

Back - padded, and re-forced handle with metal d-rings on the straps

Drawstring to access main compartment

Top flap - has a zippered pocket on the inside, handy storage for keys and toolkit

Main compartment - has a small pocket on the front, then a seperate sleeve on the back for laptops, and a mesh sleeve in front of that about 4/5 of the size

Size (2L coke)

And what i carry on my normal commute which fits more than comfortably, with room to spare. Work shirt, work pants, socks, undies, belt, wallet, phone, gum, pass, tool kit, shoes, keys and my lunchbox.

cheers for the review jase, seems pretty good for $50.

just make sure you report back after you’ve been using it for a decent chunk of time as I (personally) reckon that’s where a BOGear or SGB bag may come into its own regarding durability etc.

good to have info on other brands etc though!!

rolly, will defo do an update to this.

i have no doubts BOGears superior quality and moreso its durability is where the price difference more then justifys

for me personally it was a bit of perfect storm scenario, the perfect combination of size, aesthetics, features and price.

speaking of price, i paid $54 about two weeks ago, currently on wiggle for $63.

Nice review, just wondering how this pack is going?
My ‘everyday’ bag finally died and these look pretty good for the price. Has it held up?

Still as new actually

Its really had only 5 months worth (to the day!) and a max of 40 commutes.

To be fair i only commute twice a week, and have yet to be caught in the rain, so its had a pretty easy life thus far

Im also pretty good with my shit so i expect it to keep well.

ok thanks. I think for money I might just grab one. Cheers

Bit over a year and the bag is going great guns, i guess commuting twice a week at most isnt really a major workload.

I carry less now as i leave a pair of shoes in the locker, this is one area where it dosnt do so great. No real compression straps to make the bag more compact with less contents.

Minor gripe.

Increasing commuter workload to 3-4 times a week now, will be interesting to see how it fares. Carrying less now as no longer carrying pants / belt / shoes. Lack of compression strap is starting to annoy more

Recently tested its water proof ability, was basically giving it a wash and was able to fill the whole bag with water with no leaks. Real test will be when/if i actually decide to commute through the rain this year.

Otherwise, still going strong, some little fraying of stitching on the non essential areas, ie inner pockets/compartments.

Also noticed how effective the padded back and airing really is, having commuted through the 40deg week we had a few weeks ago, it did quite well considering. I tried using my ‘normal’ mambo pack and even in low 20s heat, my back felt yuk.

Where did you get it from? I couldn’t find it on the Le Coq Sportif Australian site. http://www.lecoqsportif.com.au/cycling

In fact, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Bob, I bought it from wiggle. But it was a few years back.

Ending this thread with a final retirement post, after 2 and half odd years its time to move on to greener pastures

My final thoughts, pretty happy with the purchase. $50 odd dollars with about an average of 3 commutes a week over the length of ownership, i reckon ive easily gotten my monies worth. Its been very robust, carried what ive needed it to with minimum fuss and has held up quite well imo. As per the pictures below, the only real blemish is that tear, which is more user error i reckon, ie grabbing it by the draw string when it probably wasnt meant to hold up the actual bag.

This is poignant after just watching War on Waste

My commuter bag is old enough to have a beer, a couple of years does seem a bit short.

Hasnt been thrown out, so technically not wasted :stuck_out_tongue: