Leader Pharaoh!

Hey guys after being out of it for a while getting throu college, i got back on my bike and decided being 6’3+ on a 45 square frame it was a bit cramped.

So i Bought me a Large Leader Pharaoh,
Im having chain line issues so i havent ridden it yet but it seems awesome. with all the rear tyre clearance im up for a new tyre to make it look better.
Ns bars and forks
MacNeil topload
eigthinch cranks and a splined profile sprocket.
Ditch witches with a profile rear hub.

Thanks Gypsy!

that looks like a bucket o’fun right there…

Sick to see some people still riding FGFS in australia. Reminds me to get my P.fix out for a spin

Yeah man i think im solo down in Canberra, everyone looks and is lost as to what 26’ strange bike im on, So i think im alone. definatly get it out its too fun just beating around!

the whole content of this blog which is very informative and knowledgeable stuff, So i would like to visit again.