Leaf Automatic 26" semi-complete

A quick film edit of the new Automatic 26" semi-complete, filmed in our upcoming space… In store here.


Looks the bizz, but couldn’t you have smashed some cranks on there and got someone to do some wheelies and footjams?

Yeah, that would be nice, but, then it becomes secondhand… It’s a harsh world. Sigh…

tries to figure out how I can afford a second hand 26in trick bike

Haha, ah ok, I see what your mission operative is… Convince me to stick cranks on it, and do some wheelies… Forcing me to then sell it to you half price… Mr Dylan you are a crafty man!

This hadn’t occurred to me at first, but damn, genius idea. You’ve gotta build up a gazetta now wink wink

whats the widest 26" tire the frame can fit?

Good question. Something big I expect. I haven’t tested, and they are not manufacturer spec’d… I can take some closer photos though to see though - 40+ would be my feeling.