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Driver assaults ‘bird-flipping’ cyclist

I don’t know who to side with here…
"Police said the motorist was driving a gold Ford XC or Valiant.

He is described as Caucasian, aged in his early 40s, with a stocky build and moustache."

I have a very firm belief that nothing is ever solved with a punch in the face.

But what I don’t understand is the part where the cyclist watched a Ford driving “Caucasian, aged in his early 40s, with a stocky build and moustache” pull over, run across the road and punch him in the face. Surely you would think: “Hey this dudes gonna punch me in the face. Better ride to the nearest dojo and get some ninjas to kick his ass” a la Ninjas rescue Sydney mugging victim

But in my honest opinion I believe it’s just another one of those problems with people in cars not actually understanding how frightening and potentially life threatening their on road actions can be to cyclists.

hmm, i’ve only seen one gold valiant, i sold it to someone in that area…

Serious? If so, hope you’ll be dropping some details to a cop shop in the area. :slight_smile: