Legalize it !! (Vitus Carbone - road frame)

Vitusplus - carbone frame 54 cm used | eBay

Good buying, and not often seen. My size too but I think I’ll sit this one out. I know the seller from other forums and they’s good peoples.

Too small for you Aaron … Unless you want my Vitus Alu (56/57) then I’ll buy this Carbone for me

Vitusplus - carbone frame 54 cm used | eBay

shame you cant spread the rear like steel frames =(

or can you?

Not supposed to (but I’ve seen it done). I dunno … I think they look cool with original era parts (6/7 speed) and also represent a departure from what had been the norm for many years till then (lugged steel). These early Carbon frame were commonly 30 or 40% more expensive than the finest of steel frames during that era. Certainly slipping under the collector radar … maybe peep’s fear the power of 2 part epoxy?