LEL London-Edinburg-London

Anyone else seen this? Anyone else interested?


I found an ad’ for a lands end to john o’groats ride next euro summer(2013)… sounds OK to me.

@ boyracer. Any more details? Is it just one of those organised cycling holidays?

I’m drawn to LEL because it’s a long distance event, similar to PBP, that I don’t have to qualify for. Clarion sent me the link last week and I’ve been thinking about it since.

I did it (EDIT: LEL) in 2005 and my girlfriend rode in '05 and '09. We might be doing it next year.

It’s just an Audax ride with a glossy website. No cycling holiday is 1400km in under 5 days. The ‘included in your entry’ stuff is just standard fare by the looks.



Edit: I though you were asking about LEL, not LEJOG.


Use the quote function.

(homage post!)

LEJOG is ridden by 100s of cyclists every year, most do the self-arranged thing, some do the organised groups thing. Google doesn’t work for you?

I thought that was a French fun run?

fkn lol.


Could I suggest that you use the quote function so it’s clear who and what you’re asking, as otherwise it looks like you are just asking questions to everyone about either LEL or LEJOG.

That way everyone else won’t assume you don’t know how to use the googles, you won’t have to clarify yourself sarcastically and we can all get on in e-harmony. (Until Polly comes back and wants to fight you)

Original post edited accordingly and sarchasms have been topped off with harmonious clean fill.

hugs all 'round!