Lemontime is here to visit

So let’s be nice and ride around drunk with him, eh?
Details will be posted here as they form, but all likelihoods say that at minimum, lemonface hisself and that hipster artsy aerospork character will be there too. Plans are: ride somewhere, drink coffee/beer, have a snack, do some skids, backwards circles, have some drinks, maybe go to 99 probes and have some drinks, then separate cos I have work in the morning an live well too far away to miss the train.
Prolly about 5pm onwards.
Likelihood is a meet up at fed square or museum, just cos they are easy to find and lemontime 'ain’t from ‘round here’

So yeeeeah
Be there
Be merry
Be law abiding cyclists and that.
Love love!

Definitely coming to the meet up to get some time out of the house but odds are my study schedule while prohibit me from the fun sounding ride/drinks/fixed gear antics.

Fuck study. Or study ‘good times’

I’m down for beers, bikes and hanging with another Sydneysider :slight_smile:

Never heard of him…

i might come, depending on how much of my thesis i get done.

I’ll do a skid for you if you come. I’ll do lots actually.

time and place lemontime! but more importantly, time

If that means yes, then I have no idea. I am in a park somewhere, i can see the city! I think like 530 fed square is the go? Dylan is on the train or will be soon. I saw a magpie eat a baby bird it was fucked! Also 0430352697, call or text me for riding!

Hey all, 5:30 fed square?
I am on said train, should be there in 55 mins.

At fed now methinks, up between the funny looking buildings. Dirty bike with dirty white wheels. Haven’t seen an aerospoke all day. Try harder Smelbourne.

There is never enough aerospoke in melbourne

Where in fed square? Near flinders station?

Come check out pony bikes I am going up for a Beer.

Anyone for any funs tonight? Ride/anything?

Anything eventuate Lemontime? There’ll be a ride on tomorrow night as well. I’ll let you know the details when I know the details

I’m coming riding tomorw night, let me know Deets. Plus if peeps get together tonight I’m up to ride for a bit

Nothing tonight ): Went for a roll around town and got some Vietnamese (rad place on something street). Keen for tomorrow night, may be my last chance to roll with people. Also keen to see Aerospokes bike again… :3

What a MENTAL bike

Still trying to figure out how he stops, not going to imagine what an emergency stop would be like