l'Eroica 2011 slide show

Drool/dream :cool:

L’Eroica group pool

And almost as rad, the accompanying jumble sale.
L’Eroica 2011. The Flea market [photographs].

Jeebus that’s cool …

An early Fiat Multipla. Such cool cars and right up there with the BMW Isetta 600 (pics below) for cool factor imo.

1960 Fiat 600 Multipla
BMW 600

In any case, who’s interested in doing l’Eroica next year? I can’t sit this out for another year without getting depressed about not being there.

Isn’t it so popular that they raffle off entry tickets…
but hell yeah, I’d go.

Definitely want to go next year. However, I seem to keep getting a bunch of big bills lately, so it’s looking less and less likely. I s’pose it’s a fair way off, though, so you never know.

Oh well, maybe I’ll get there in 20 years time and take advantage of the free rego for over 60s.

Couple more links to pics

L’Eroica 2011 - a set on Flickr
L’Eroica 2011 (c) Yann Ros - a set on Flickr
L’Eroica 2011 (c) Fabien de Serres - a set on Flickr
L’Eroica 2011 (c) Caro Paulette - a set on Flickr

Bumping last year’s thread -

Cycling Tips has a great set of photos up from this year’s ride:

L’Eroica | A Special Day Where Old Is New | Cycling Tips

Wow … there’s some very good pics there. <sigh>

Very Nice, Next time your in Brisbane Ben let me know and ill tee you up to check a cracker bike collection of this era.
I would love to ride his 5 star oppy special in this, One day…

what a great writeup and photos are so good!

Can you imagine being the mechanic at this event, must be a complete nightmare! People coming in with broken inch-pitch chains, the mind boggles!

Bikes must be pre 1987 with no brifters right?

Inch pitch chain’s rarely ever break and most people have gears which means they ain’t riding with such.
I don’t think the have a pit crew/service zone but I did build up two bikes that were in this year’s event.
I hope to be there next year. Time to plan the moustache.