lets invade Chandler!!!

ok guys, i have already spoken to a few of you about this. But i thought i would post it up for us all to discuss.

Lets organise a ride at the chandler veledrome.

personally i think to make it friendly to the majority of riders a sunday arvo would be best??

hwever there are TWO things we will need.

due to the veledrome no longer being run by Cycling Queensland, the sleeman complex (which is run by the government) has set in place some new rules :roll:

1: there MUST be a person at the veledroem at ALL times who has a first aid certificate. apparently they expect to physically see the certificate before opening the track up.

2: a qualified cycling coach :roll:

So here is what i ask of you brisbane riders, does anyone have or know a friend who wouldnt mind coming along who has a first aid certificate??

secondly, when is a good day/time for everyone??

The coach thing i can cover fairly easily.


I am totally up for it. Sounds sweet, having never been on a track before. Belly has a first aid certificate, plus he would totally be up for the ride so no need for someone else to sit around. I’ll hit him up when I next see him. Failing that (if the certified person CAN’T be on a bike) my fiancee would be up for it.

How much would it cost to switch on the lights or are you thinking during the day?

To make a full arvo of it, I’ll crack out the old barbie again… mmm… snags.

What about 14th or 15th March?

Do we need drop bars or are risers allowed? Brakes to be taken off?

Sounds like a great afternoon. I think I can cover the 1st aid thing too. I don’t have ‘the certificate’ that they will want, but its what I do for a living.

Anyone interested in working towards a crack at ‘The Unofficial Brisbane Hour’ sometime later in the year?

Yeah… I’m keen.
I’ve got my first aid certificate. So I can bring that in, although they’ve already got me on record and already seen it for another group I go on with.

I am interested - and I have a senior first aid cert.

Interested, only live 20 mins ride away.

Keen. More details needed about equipment/licensing requirements.

Brett’s HELL OF THE WEST alleycat is the 14 March so i suggest another day :sunglasses:

NRG Cycles has the track booked every 2nd Sunday from 4-6pm. They’ll be there Sunday the 8th March, so the 15th should be wide open.

For anyone wanting to partake in a bit of track racing, Wynnum Redlands CC runs Tuesday night track sessions from 7:30 til about 9:15pm every week. Warm up and registration is from 6pm and requires CA membership and 10 bucks for the racing. You need a brakeless bike with drop bars and a bolt up front hub to race. I’ve been 3 or 4 times and it is great fun.

Riding on the track is awesome, the banking is much steeper than you think. Cheers.

are they still racing into the off season??

i spoke to billy a few weeks ago and he mentioned that they were probably only going to be racing for a couple more weeks…?

i also heard that they were going to just be running training nights in the off season, perhaps that idea just ended up being that they continue the racing…

Well the motocross got too many noise complaints, I am informed by Billy, so the plan is for them to continue the racing as a training session as long as there is a consistent turn-out with enough riders to cover the cost of the hire of the venue etc.

It is really just a hard training session. They dont race for sheep stations, and if you get dropped during the race you just ride high on the bank and drop in when the bunch comes back around. Cheers.

yeh, tuesday night racing great fun,

i was racing track long before “fixies” were the in thing :wink:

but i think for a big group of us to go out, a sunday arvo when we will have it to ourselves would be best. have to work around nrg i guess…

Id be keen

ok guys, i will be heading out to chandler this coming tuesday night to view the evenings racing…

I will be riding, probs leave from gear around 6pm, should get a few guys to tag along, might even let us on the track after racing (tho i doubt it without drops).

ride will be approx 15k each way.

I’m in!

You still heading out with your purple arse?

if i can ride yes, ill probs just pump the meds so i can, lol.

at this stage im still on for tuesday night :slight_smile:

Go Nath! If you’re still keen I think there was plenty of interest down at Polo.