So i’m kinda against not wearing helmets. Just seen a bit too much of people being splattered everywhere from knob head drivers. Whats the opinion of a lid like this?

New Half White yellow Biker Helmet M L Clear Goggles: eBay Motors (item 280559143568 end time Sep-12-10 09:14:20 PDT)

I think it’s pretty cool

Are you riding a vespa?

nope. fixie

It’s a piece of shit.

I think it would look a bit weird on a cyclist. You should also consider the fact that it will not have an Australian Standards sticker, and I think it would get pretty freaking hot without any vents. (motorcyclists aren’t pedalling)

The item location is “BJ”, China


edit: If I see you wearing that I’m going to shout “Hey! Omelette Head!”

haha fair enough. valid points. do you all wear helmets?

That sort of looks… hilarious.

SOLID GOLD! :smiley:

yes, it’s the law. and it’s too expensive not to.

If I saw a cyclist wearing this I would probably laugh so hard I would fall off my bike and under the wheels of a truck. So in actual fact this helmet is dangerous and will kill more people than it will save.

You’re kidding right?

yes. everyone here wears helmets. thread closed.