first build, still needs a few things here and there.
leader frame
campag record crankset
holdfast straps, shadow pedals.
trickstar headset.
not sure of the bars, scored them off a mate for free, going to get volume thrasher bars.
maybe a new seat but old mate will do the trick for now.
zaff tyres.

Stem getting fucked off, didn’t think it through thoroughly. Knee keeps hitting bar’s, need a longer one.
Any suggestions? I’m leaning towards FSA gravity…

If your knees are hitting your bars, frame too small?? Raise your seat??

Yeah, that was my thought, the frame is 57" and im about 5"11, and been told that’s the size i should commit…
And i didn’t explain myself properly, i mean when i skid/lean foward to skid my knee’s hit the bars, not just riding normally.

that frame looks out of proportion for being a 57… raise your seat, accepet some knee banging every now and then.

Yeah, i’m not fussed to some here and there, but this is constant. I’ve own a fixie before and never had the drama until now.

agreed, it does look a little small for a 57cm, eitherway, raised seat/longer stem = no probs.

I bang my knees on my bullhorns sometimes too and im same height on a 54cm visp, which is more like a 52/too small.

yeah, i’ll commit a new stem, might go thompson. Should probably measure the bastard too, it was bought off the bay, 56cm i think it was…

ok, frame is too small!!! frame for and forks for sale.

should i commit a volume thrasher or leader 725 2011??