lighting patch glue on fire - pro technique or urban myth?

i just tried the light patch glue on fire trick on an old tube, and it seemed to work, burned off the fluid, and left the stickiness behind. only thing i wanted to check before using it in the field, is does it result in increased failure of patches, or does it work just as well as the normal technique i employ, which is let it dry till tacky?

Only do it if you have to. You will know when this is.

Instead of igniting the glue just put the fresh glue up to your nose and deeply inhale like the rest of us…

I would assume that the solvent that is present in the glue also ‘welds’ the patch to the rubber suface. Burning off the solvent ‘might’ reduce the ‘weld’ quality. Blakey will know, he knows everything…

Nope, I’m a bit of a patching muppet. I do know that having the word ‘Vulcanizing’ on the packaging has as much right to be there as half the roadie marketing BS.

AFAIK, It’s a contact adhesive, you want a thin layer on tube, to touch/tack dry before you join the two. Maruni make good quality, small patches suitable for 23mm tubes. And use sandpaper instead of the “grater” to remove the mould release before you glue.

Jobst has written extensively about patching

In fact, everyone read all of this, and 99% of questions will be preanswered:

He might be a grumpy old curmudgeon who loves 32 spoke 3x wheels with Mavic MA2 rims, but he knows his bikes.

what does the CFA say… a little burnoff is good, too much and you’ll have a problem?

i’ve found it helpful to ‘flash’ the solvent in small bursts… let it flame too long and youll smell burning rubber and that cant be good :wink:

… or put the kettle on, have a cuppa, and a read of the paper, sit back and chiilllllllll,

and wait about 5 mins to let the glue dry on its own.

Can’t think why you would need to be in such a hurry for such a satisfying Sunday task myself…

(I must be a saddo but patching punctures brings back intense childhood nostalgia).


got a flat? buy a new bike

Suddenly it all becomes clear why a mini box of matches was included with the puncture repair kit given out at the Melbourne Roobaix… :sunglasses:

…so its not meant to be used as a spliff tin then???

+1. some things aren’t meant to be rushed.

If you’re in that big of a hurry carry more tubes while you’re out. And maybe some glueless patches - a lot of them are crap but Slime Skabs are OK if applied with care and the little red oval-shaped ones that I can’t remember the name of (Red Fox?) don’t suck.