Like a bit of MAX?

martinis on the roof: the columbus max renaissance

Feat. Zanc, Hampco, Merckx…

<music nerd>The blog is named after a Superchunk song from the album Indoor Living</music nerd>

and ‘mushroom cloud of hiss’ is an awesome yo la tengo song off of may i sing with me. it is (was?) the name of a music blog that seems to be dormant, but i didn’t want to step on it.

llewellyn was a big booster of max frames during the lean years, too. i believe he said he created his over-oversized lug set to make up for the loss of max tube and lug sets. unfortunately for folks in north america, he literally could not be any farther away whilst still being on earth. nice bikes, though.

thanks for linking to my little blog.

Oh, and I noticed the repeated nods to Minutemen with “Polictical Song for _______ to Sing”.

I enjoyed it.

You have RS and SRAM to thank for that :wink:

thanks. when i first heard it, ‘political song for michael jackson to sing’ was the funniest, most absurd thing i had heard in a long time. absolutely brilliant, and it’s been making me smile ever since.