Like the Brunswick velodrome? Then click this

Brunswick needs your asistance. take 30 seconds to email this petition - it will be a big help to the club…

Signed. Cheers for sharing, doubt I would have seen it otherwise.


Have signed, even though I’m in Brisbane, I want my nieces in West Brunswick to be able to use the facilities there when old enough.

I think it worked, did it on my phone…

Signed, should get some roving petition-ers at the melburn-roobay, might be a crowd (probs already thought of this)


If anybody needs a reason to sign this, head to Brunswick Velodrome any Thursday night of the year to see thirty or more keen riders motor pacing. It is truly a beautiful sight. Better still, bring a track bike, drop a fiver in the tin and have a go. So much fun. Not to mention the junior clinics which get consistently big turnouts, and all the other racing and training that takes place there.

The building of new clubrooms and improvements to the dilapidated track will be of huge benefit not just to the cycling scene, but the community at large.

damn straight.

if nothing else, this petition should be signed by everyone just as a tiny way of helping out two of the best blokes out there, Cam and Dave.

Signed, thanks for the link

Come on FOA mafia, sign on- there’s heaps of you who use this velodrome on a regular basis even if you’re not BCC members

I’ll email it to Nickj for the FB page.

Agreed. And share it as well. It’s not hard, plus it’s a damn side more interesting than all those buzzfeed quizzes you’ve been posting.

An awesome cycling club in Melbourne is facing a crisis… here’s what you can do

i’m signed up!

Done and shared!

There’s your professionally written post ready to go folks. cut and paste that shit!

Signed - my first introduction to track was there in 1987.

Signed, did the junior clinic with Alan down there about 12 years ago. Planning on rejoining brunswick and racing track again this year.

Signed good times