Like to eat sausages while cycling?

Please form an orderly queue to make your sausage related puns.

Like to Eat Sausages While Cycling? Then This Bike Grill’s for You - Commute - The Atlantic Cities

Wurst idea ever.

Bun toaster? Side pan for some sauerkraut?

i’ll leave this one for the dogs…

I’d rock one if not for the risk of looking like a wiener

This just makes me kranksky

Brats wurst idea ever

might try and snag one on ebay

Fry as I might, I just can’t see it taking off.

What a offal idea.

Nah this idea is a banger!

Seems like a bit of chorizo to set up the device…

I’ll wait for the Mash version


Agreed, what is there Toulouse?


ummmm…I got nuthin’…pun-wise

go with sausage

It would be good for fixie meat ups

They are already a huge sausagefest as is.