Line of Sight Brisbane Premier

late notice i know guys, but posting this for one of the other couriers

TOMORROW NIGHT - FRIDAY 17th, Line of Sight, the latest lucas brunelle film will be showing at the angus pad!

70 Geelong street East Brisbane, 7pm

you all know the drill with dans place, projector/backyard viewing!

See ya’ll there!


must be getting soft - felt queasy watching parts of it. filtering so close you’re taking out mirrors. no thanks.
but, like ana ccident scene, i couldn’t look away :smiley:

some of the riding is questionable at best, but fuck it i dont take many risks on the road/at work so this is a bit of a guilty pleasure, should be cool to see some of the footage from cmwc last year too

where was everyone? so much sweet fixiebike viewing, skidz, traffic, NYC, made me do this