Links in colour?

Hi Mods,

Is there any chance you could modify the colour scheme of the forum so that web links in posts are highlighted in a different colour?

The link below, for example, doesn’t look like a link until I put my mouse over it.

Hello Mr. Google

what browser/OS/version you running?

It’s red for me

More of a burgundy for me.


^what they said

^^^ what he said they said.

eraser’s about to discover he’s colour blind :frowning:

I already know that I’m red/green colour deficient, but amusingly didn’t entertain it as a contributing factor here.

I just had a female (less likely to be colour deficient) colleague confirm that it’s burgundy in both my browsers, namely Pale Moon and IE.

If somebody was wearing a burgundy shirt I could definitely distinguish it, but it’s all but impossible for me for something that’s small and fine like the text on this page.

Anybody else got the same problem?

In the meantime, this is worth a read, if only for some insight:

There a little bit easier to see in the old Forum Skin. You can change it under Settings-> General Settings

Thanks Dallimor… After the config change the forum looks all weird, like I am in a totally different place! I’ll see how I feel :slight_smile:

Here’s what that previous link I posted suggests: