Litespeed made BASSO Ti Track

Time to unveil the new track bike…

Litespeed made BASSO Ti Track frame off Mckenny (thanks) built up with carbon FSA and Easton Components

Will have the first run on the track with it tonight up here in Rocky

Ti Litespeed frame 57 ctc
Carbon Roselli track fork
Chris King 1" threadless headset
Easton EC90 Carbon 100mm stem
Easton EC90 Carbon Sprint track bars
FSA Team Issue Carbon Road crankset with 49T Chainring
FSA Team Issue Carbon Seat post
NOS Fi’zi:k TEMPO Elastomer Saddle
Mavic Ellipse Wheelset with 16t Phil wood and 15t Roselli cogs
Still waiting on my Mavic Race SL Ti pedals

Still playing with set up so I haven’t cut the steerer yet…

Now to concentrate on riding it…

Them drops be deep! Looks good man, whats the gear ratio work out to be, 90gi? Thats not too bad.

that’s sick!!

Hell yeh.

So tidy, i love it.

god damn!

Defs not feeling that saddle, but other then that, looks mean Dubrat! Love it.

I love the saddle most comfortable I have ever riden on…

Happy u like what i’ve done Mckenny

If its comfortable then keep it. More me being a perfectionist and a bike pron nazi.

wow, looks stealthy.

Is it lite?

What would you suggest…

you could always sell me a sprint


Fizik Arione or something new to suit the rest of the build.

glad I reneged on the deal and it went to someone that is super into it and who suits it’s geo!
I agree with Gypsy on the saddle sitch, I’d love to see an SLR on it! Those FSA cranks (which I don’t think suit too many frames) just look great on it, totally works.

Have fun!

I like the saddle, looks interesting, though not TOO interesting, similar to the frame and cranks, which are interesting but don’t make any effort to be interesting yet costs them in the functionality states, like a POH bike that we all comPlainwd about a few years ago, or that Brendan guy, who I think just doesn’t do things sometimes cos he likes being different to that which he grew ups surrounded by, vos similar to myself he really no keen on his original surroundings. Unlink that Toby guy who loves everything.
All glory to Toby1!
Anyway this bike is fan-tastic!

I had a Fizik Arione on it. i love those saddles.

Have a Arione on the way to see if I like it…

didnt get to ride track last night so shake down session will be at the Rockhampton Cup on Wheels Fri and Sat

Needs a sprung Brooks…

Damn you got good taste

Good taste indeed. What a fantastic looking machine!

Couple of changes made to this rig in the way of a Fizik saddle and a new Stronglight Chain ring will get some pics up tonight but after have another professional bike fit it seems this frame has ended up being a little to big and it might end up being moved on…