little fixie i built for my mate from uni

mate wanted a little fixie to cruze to the pub on and just for chill rides etc havnt fitted rear brake yet

also really not to excited about the white walls, if anyone was keen to swap for some random black ones would be keen, they are session 700’s

Take the foot retention off, put a brake and cable sleeve only on and leave it unlocked at a pub at the top of a hill. Karma will decide the rest. :wink:

haha jesus, would be fun. not going to lie i undid this kids quick release breaks at school once… was pretty funny

You spelt brake wrong.



yeah good thing im not doing anything like law

Lucky, because your spelling is atrocious.

yeah relax, its a bike forum not a spelling lesson session man.

Oh, really?

I didn’t get the memo.

If you’re fitting a brake, why the hell wouldn’t you put it on the front?

oh sorry man must have forgotten, here

i know, i said the same thing, he didnt want it on the front… dont askh haha


big dicks in your ass is bad for your health

Are they 28s? I might be interested in a swap. PM me.

I run a rear brake only on my mixte (it’s freewheel but)

Clean lines, max skidzzz

Looks way too nice for a pub bike, needs more rust.

need a cover sheet

for your TPS report

Have you seen my stapler?