little klein roadie

i don’t know why, but i have a soft spot for kleins. this is nice:

Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - WTS - Sydney - 51cm Klein Quantum with Dura-Ace!!

Klein paintwork is irresistible.

the mid 90s klein neon fade paintjobs were and still are absolutely incredible

a few cm too small otherwise id jump on it, frame looks very similar to the cannondales of the same era me thinks. Very smooth with full Dura Ace too.

a friend had one with bubbles painted all over it. that’s kinda cool.

This is a totally wild accusation, but, it wouldn’t surprise me if Cannondale were using Gary Klein’s work as inspiration, him being the first to work out aluminium as a framing material.

884 F2d 1399 Klein v. Cannondale Corporation | OpenJurist

Saw this on another forum, totally love it but n+1 is out of my grasp right now… My EXACT size too.

I see it as cheap enough to buy, strip DA group, then resell the frame. But it sure is a nice bike - and that always seems a little naughty to do to a nice bike.

Klein have always made nice bikes… have always loved their MTB’s. Ride well, and look good.