Live streaming

Does anyone know where online I can get live streaming of Around The Bay in a day??? I’ve got a couple of mates doing the race and I want to watch it live if possible. Someone said Eurosport but I checked that and it’s not showing anything yet.

I don’t think it’s a race, more a group ride for charity or something like that. Meaning no sports channel coverage.

lol. not bad.

Didn’t Simon Gerrans win one a few years ago?

There’s a replay here.

did LOL
showed to Mrs FROG who also did LOL

Imagine if it was streamed someplace. That’d be a day of viewing you’re never getting back!

Apparently there was a late attack on Oliver’s Hill from some guy in the NAB kit using aero bars on a Shogun Metro and everyone is pretty pissed about it. The UCI are looking at making a rule that any bicycle with a tyre wider than 35mm cannot use aero bars in all future Bicycle Network/UCI events.

It would probably be quite comical really. I’ve done ATB about a decade ago and it wasn’t anything like Sunday just gone. I went out with a mate because his gf had entered. I wish I didn’t… people riding 5 riders wide, in the right lanes. Under-taking or just overtaking down the middle of riders. Nobody holding a line and then people half wheeling 2 bikes at a time. I genuinely didn’t feel safe and can’t believe I wasn’t taken out by some halfwit that only rides once a year!