Llewellyn #82 Road Bike


Haven’t posted anything in ‘post your ride’ for a while. Here’s my latest, an early 90’s Columbus Max Llewellyn which I’ve been riding for the last 6 weeks since building it up. Its been a slow burner project which start in late 2014. Crappy paint, cracked seat tube extension. Big shout out again to Dazza, Kumo & Simon who each chipped in to get this frame where it is today.

Super stoked with it. Been putting plenty of km’s on it since building it up, comfy fit for now. Will look at a longer stem in the near future & I’ve got some Rasta Paul Skewers on the way! Excuse the shitty backyard photos but you get the idea.

Frame: Llewellyn Columbus Max #82
54cm Seat C-C // 56cm Top C-C

Headset: Chris King
Stem: Nitto Pearl
Handlebars: Nitto M109 80 Road
Bar Tape: Fabric ALM

Seatpost: Nitto Crystal Fellow
Saddle: Fabric ALM

Bottom Bracket: White Industries Stainless Steel
Cranks: White Industries VBC
Chainring: VBC 52/36
Chain: KMC X11 EL
Cassette: Campagnolo Chorus 12-29

Pedals: Speedplay Ti
Cages: King Cage Stainless Steel

Wheelset: Stans - DT Swiss Aerolite - White Industries ‘H’ Series
Rubber: Vittoria Open Corsa SC 23c [Will change to Graphene 25c soon]



can we now have a RBOTY winner??..

ps, any reason why you went WI cranks and not stick to campy?

Bro can’t express how much stance I was thinking this rig had after our lap the other day. Didn’t realise you got the fast back done to it… you’re ticking all my boxes. Such glitter, fucking Banga.

Looks amazing… How is the seat post bolted now? I can’t tell due to being bedazzled by glitter goodness.


Modern cranks look like shit. Can get rad chainring combos with White Industries & they looking super nice, especially for this type of build.

Fastback seat stays. There is a binder bolt in the seat stays which pinches together and holds the seat post tight. Keith went above & beyond with it. He custom machined & brazed up the binder bolt set up in this frame.


So good

Very careful milling operation after cutting off the ST extension to pierce the seatstays, then a custom turned boss was brazed in and a reinforcement cut and brazed on below the ST lug

So shiny!

Congrats. Love the feeling of a new build. I love the seat clamp concept, great workmanship, great look.

Is that the original fork or did you go for something new? And, what year is the frame?

Mate that is wild!


so many yes, so so many.

Ahhhh what an elegant solution for the seatpost! I can see it without the dazzling and amazing paint :slight_smile:

Original Columbus Max forks. As for year I can’t exactly remember. Will check again when I can get my hands on the build books.


Always with the good stuff Gypo!

Yep, it’s pretty nice

Good gypsy, good.

Fantastic bike Gypsy. I agree that new Campy cranks would not look good on this (didn’t like them at first but warmed up to them a bit since I saw them in the flesh). I reckon old Campy would look good too, but the bike has zing/oomph in spades so the WI crankset looks excellent. I particularly like the mismatch of the silver cranks/black ring. Lucky man!

I actually think they would look good and am not a fan of the WI ATMO