Llewellyn Road Bike

Llewellyn Road Bike | eBay

and this would be a women’s bike why…?

Back the fuck off.
It matches my track just needs c-record.

Shit dayne that is a perfect match… What about size???

not perfect in tubing. but same colour and decals!

i’d love to get some quick release pedals

Just asked him looks about 55-56 hoping 54.

You got to get quick release pedals i just upgraded from slow release the improvement is huge.

someone snap this up? wish it was in melbourne.

gone. i’m sure Dayne will post pics up when he gets back from NZ.

fuck thats good buying! Looks like SSP maybe even the seat post (but perhaps not)!

Looks like it ended before the scheduled finish time. I guess an offer was presented and accepted. I asked the seller about the size but received no response.

Yeah will do.
Reynolds 531c.
Full Superbe pro
Built four weeks before my track bike july 15 1991.
Both the same colour painted by Joe.
I was lucky to negotiate a bin price.

congrats dude

good buyin!