Llewellyn Track

Bloody long stem at 130cm…


If only it was 5cm smaller :frowning:

Dayne speaks the truth!


^ how so?

Its got bottle mounts. Do not want.

Ugly colour, ugly work around the dropouts, road cranks. You can do much better for that money.

So many aesthetically questionable Llewellyns getting around. I know he’s a highly revered frame builder and all, but geez he builds some ugly bikes.


I agree. But you have to wonder how much of that is exactly what the customer asks for.

So maybe people with no sense of aesthetic beauty ate drawn to his bikes?

How many ugly Rolls Royce / Bentley /Bugatti’s do you see floating around… Having Money =/= good taste

I reckon the frame looks mint. Yellow tape and other bits let it down though imo. Especially the matching stem. Not a fan.

Double edit- also not liking the fact that it has bottle bosses and is drilled. On second thought, maybe I just don’t like it at all lol.

A dog. yougottabekiddingme.

Hard to tell for sure from the pics whether the work on the ends is rough or if there is some dirty/shadiness that makes it all look rough… but surely we would give this builder the benefit of the doubt? Road cranks mean road rings means no 20t dinner plate cog for street riding, which is what the bike looks built for… so long as the chainline is straight, whats the problem? And don’t get me started on stems… long steerers are spew, angled stems are legit. I cant think of a single thing that a long steerer extension does better than an angled-up stem… except flex, which might be nice for rando-ing, but this aint a rando.

It’s an ugly bike IMO.

Keep the stem, change the tape & tyres, no problems.

I have no issues with bottle mounts and brake holes on a track frame, if I wanted a pure race bike without all that I’d just get a fuji.

Yeah I’d still own it if smaller, wouldn’t pay $1800 but would buy

You do surround yourself with ultra-lovely machines… tis understandable :slight_smile:

Seems like he ordered a fixie rather than a track bike. Either way is a custom bike which means the owner got exactly what he wanted not what the public wanted. Some simple changes would make it a little more appealing.

Was thinking of replying to this thread - pretty much what Blakey said… and Dayne also.

No problem with the Banana-rama paint scheme neither.

edit: I like the cage mounts and drilled fork (but I live 100km from the nearest velodrome and I’m not cool enough to run nob rakes on the road). Horses for courses…

The paint is sweet. The stem is rad. Overall its awesome. Not the build kit I would go with, but each to there own. As a purist, its not legit track but its a still a seriously top quality frame set and obviously built that way for a reason. I’m 99% sure he bought it second hand as I do remember FOA user Marty aka Bender was looking at buying it before this guy. I think that was like 2009?