Llewelyn Roadie

So here it,
Llewellyn 54x54
Frame-Reynolds 531 1991
Group- Superbe Pro Hidden spring brakes.
Wheels- Superbe Pro laced to Mavic MA 40
Seat- Selle Italia Daytona
Bar and stem- Nitto Technomic stem Nitto B115 42cm
Pedals- MKS GR-9 with Mks cages and Zefal straps.

Love it…

Two thumbs up.

This thing is fucking amazing. Can you post a photo of both Llewelyn’s together?

Sorry about the shitty iphone pics.
This is my around town bike now as im off the fixed with my bad knee.
Here is one when i first got the roadie.

It needs Gum Walls

Absolutely stunning, bIke of the year candidate? What is the history of the frame? It looks early.

The Bikes were both painted by Joe Cosgrove in 1991 and were both made within a week of each other.
The roadie was a stock frame and sold through Life Cycle,
The Track was made as a 1 of 5 columbus ms for the AIS Keiren Team.
The five top riders all got one and i have seen bike two so there is 3 more out there.

that bike got so much love at the noosa l’eroica, and rightly so.

My favourite 2 Llewelyn’s. None of this fancy lugs, fancy price tag business! Classic steel…

Indeed! I rebuilt mine the other day as SS and upped the gearing a bit.

Sorry for the hijack Dayne but with one crappy phone pic mine’s not really worth a thread. This one is Columbus EL with presumably a Columbus carbon fork. Built in 1998. Henry James dropouts and that amazing chain hanger that keeps your hands clean. Currently dressed in Shimano 600 640x, Mavic Reflex rims, Concor Ti saddle, Nitto S83 post and Nitto Dynamic stem.

Here’s to all the ‘plain jane’ Llewellyns out there.

Llewelyns are off the hook generally but i’m lovin that tarck bike Dayne. What a pair, so to speak

That’s a nice Llewellyn Snowflake,
I love my two and cant see me ever parting with them, hamish its my track bike not tarck bike.
I need some better photos these are shitty iphone4 ones.

Darrell as a rider was a hard man, a great climber, and believed training was about putting yourself in a worse place than you could find yourself in a race. He would ride give you shit if you tagged along on one of his 100km+ rides if you dared have a bidon on your bike.

nice build man. what gum wall tyres are you thinking of putting on?

Not sure yet the need to be all rounders,
May be try some 25 or 28 grand bois.
But will take suggestions.

ridden it, even though it is too small for me, it definitley made me a better man for the experience, seriously ridiculous how good it is, downtube shifting was also good fun, lovely bikes