Llewelyn track

Well Coffee i raised the stem much better.
P!N20 i finally started riding it.
Took it for a spin at chandler, probably the first time since 91 when it was built and it felt at home.

This makes me happy!

very nice ride. looks so clean and crisp, must ride like a dream!

Love the bike - but am I the only one that looks at that seatpost insertion and gets a little nervous? I am not an expert on those aero seatposts but aren’t they on the short side? Seatpost length combined with that seat tube extending above the lug…am I justified in my anxiety or worrying about nothing?

Building a very nice collection for yourself. Bravo!

love this! very slick!

I have decided it’s time to move a few old bikes on and this one is up for grabs.
I’ll post it in the relevant section soon.