Llewelyn track

Llewellyn Track
Frame-Columbus Multi shape 53x55
Wheels- Atlanta laced to Sheriff C-record with Veloflex Record tyres.
Bar and Stem-Cinelli 14 with nos cinelli 1e
Pedals- C-Record A.I.S stamped body with nos cage, clip and Cinelli straps.
Group set- Full C-Record.

Bloody gorgeous, BUT (and this is only a minor thing), The bars need to be pointed ever so slightly down. But that’s my only gripe. And that’s also my opinion.

Other than that, A+

absolute stunner dayne, nice pics too =)

So so sweet! This thing is incredibly nice. Good stuff indeed!

total awesomeness

you have my early vote for fixed.org bike of the year:)

That is a bloody mint bike bruv.

poop… its not poop, but i did just poop my pants…

Sooo pron worthy! My favourite tubeset too >_<

This is the one a while ago you were asking about whether $400 was a good price?? WIN!! Very very nice build, well done.

Thanks it was fun to build up pedals are a nightmare to find at a good price though.
The bike was built for Glenn Card in Aug 1991 and is build number 21.
The bars need a little tweaking not sure why they didn’t look that bad in person.

Absolutely stunning!

Amazing frame and parts!

awesome mate

This bike is Bullshit, so nice.

Lovely… I’d raise the stem just a tad though, running a quill stem that low can damage the headset eventually.


Thanks if i were to be riding this i would lift it plus its a big drop from saddle for my bad neck but like the sleek look of it slammed while its on the wall.
I want to take it for a spin on the track , one day.

Fantastic, thats a stunning bike.

Agree on the comment about the stem but if you’re not going to be riding it no worries.

fucking lovely.

I’m sad that you won’t be riding this, however, it is a stunning bike.