Loan of a tripod - Bundy interview

Hi Sydneysiders - wondering if I could borrow a tripod off someone this Thurs 13 Dec? I’m down from Brisbane and have an opportunity to interview Peter Bundy as part of my series of framebuilder interviews. Would be very grateful for the loan of a tripod - just a basic one is fine, no need for a fluid head or anything. Can pick up and drop off. I’m staying in the city.

I gotz you covered. PM me :wink:

Thanks Spirito - PM sent.

happy to be a back up.

Also a back up if needed, will be going through the city about 8 and then back through at 6.

Happy to lend mine out.

Thanks for all the tripod help guys. Could have done a multi camera shoot!

Interview went really well. Hope to get pics and the video up by Xmas.

Here’s a bunch of pics I took at Peter’s on Thursday. Quite a few interesting bikes around the place. Working on the video now. Thanks for the tripod loan Spirito - Peter’s got it under his counter.

Peter Bundy Cycles on Flickr

cool pix, don’t work for me

Have finally finished the video with Peter. Have a look here: Peter Bundy interview on Vimeo.

brilliant. love this series, thank-you for posting these online.

Well done Gavin, thanks again for putting this stuff “out there” :wink:

Nice one, Gavin. Did enjoy.

Nice vid Gavin. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

Thanks guys. It was so good meeting Peter. Would love to interview Jim one day too.

Thanks dude, I love stuff like that!

Nice interview! Jim’s 87 and still building - wow
(also pushiesgalore works for me now)

Cheers, this was great!

(Goes back to lurking)