Locking Bikes in Appartment Carparks

About to move into a joint that has a underground carpark for the appartments above. There aren’t any bike-racks. And we don’t have a car.

Does anyone know of a good way to rig up a locking system (with basically onle a concrete column adjacent to my car spot).

And I can’t take all my bikes upstairs to the flat. I’d get in trouble.

maybe get a few lengths of quality chain to wrap around the concrete column. then you can snake that though frame, wheels and maybe even your cranks.

If they wont let you take bikes upstairs then ask for some proper bike security downstairs. Fuck 'em seriously.

I’d personally just take it upstairs even if they did have some security down stairs.

If you have a nice bike, it only takes some guy seeing you go in and out of there a few times to realise you lock up there.

Carparks are the best place for thieves.

that’s what i’d figure i’d do.

or chain up a floor stand/rack thing and park them in that.

and i think the landlord/agents mentioned getting locking facilities in the future…and it isn’t them not letting me have bikes in the house…i could hardly fit one in the flat anyway…tiny thing.

I know it’s not really solving your problem and I don’t know your circumstances, but is this something you ought to have considered when choosing a place?
If you plan to be there for a while, perhaps you could procure a bicycle rack from a local school and concrete drill that fucker into the ground. Lock up using as many locks as you can.

yeah don’t know if locking my bike(s) was really the top of the list in looking for a place. There are definitely ways of doing it just figured someone has been through it and might have had a nifty idea.

I had a similar problem when someone dobbed on me for bringing my bike into my apartment! Luckily there was a steel pole that I could lock it up against that ran along one side of the car park. Have you looked around the carpark for somewhere to lock it up to? Not necessarily in your own spot. My sympathies to you, it sucks to have to leave your bike outside…

Drill a pole into the wall at the end your car spot (if it butts up against a wall)…really easy if you go to bunnings or a metal works shop, I did it outside my old flat and nobody knew the difference - looks like the sort of handrails you see next to the shitter in a disabled toilet and does the job well

I had an issue with body corporate. They kept telling me off about taking my bike down through the foyer even though I carried it over the marble floor.I keep on doing it, I dont care. They told me to use the car park exit. I don’t think they can do anything.

i have an impact driver with masonary bits and some dyna bolts if you need… your bike wont last long last long in a car park!!

This might work

or try this;

get hold of a 240-24v DC transformer and a steel plate, the bigger the better.

using alligator clips attach the positve lead to your frame and the negative end to the steel plate, park the bike over the plate, if you stand on the plate and touch the bike eg. a lowlife kneels down to remove a chain, 24 volts gives him a nice little kick not enough to seriously hurt him  but enough to let him know that you would really like your bike to stay where it is

You can’t rig up a rack in your apartment for bikes? There are a few floor to ceiling options available that may work for you.
I’d be scared about keeping anything of value in a car park basement, considering how many people have had bikes and tools stolen out of ‘secure’ cages. I live in the tiniest apartment ever and can fit 2 of the 3 bikes I have in there. It did take me a week or two to work out where they could go, but now I hardly notice them. It’d be harder if you’re living with a significant other who isn’t as excited by bikes as you are.
A carpark basement is a pretty isolated place, so even if you do lock with big industrial chain and padlocks, it still gives someone enough time to get a grinder or big ass bolt cutters onto your locks if they really want your bike.

If you have a couple of bikes that need to go down there, I’d weld up a bike rack and then bolt the rack to the floor, as well as tack welding the dyno bolts so they cant be undone. I assume you’re just renting, which means you’ll be there for 12months anyway and by that time you just cut the bolts off and take the rack with you. At least if the rack is secured to the ground then you’ve got less chance of people unbolting the rack from the ground and throwing it in their ute and taking it home.
In regards to chaining bikes to the rack, You might have to get inventive with chain running through the valuable parts and then securing back to the bike rack. INstead of going with one big length of chain to go through all the bikes, it might be wise to do each bike seperately, so if someone does take the time to get through a link in your chain, they only get one bike not your whole fleet. This is all probably a bit over kill, but if its something of worth, you can’t be too careful.

Is there anyone else in your building that stores bikes in the basement?

ask your landlord or whatever for some money to fab a bike stand and weld it to some dynabolts in the floor (assuming its concrete) and to the concrete on the wall
then everyone can just use their bike locks for normal. surely you can take your wheels into your apartment…

all good idea guys.

moving in on friday night/sat so will be able to scope the situation better then. will be keepig things upstairs until i fugre something out (if i do at all).